Know Your Neurosurgeon

Child Procedures

In the treatment of spasticity and certain movement disorders, the delivery of baclofen directly into the CSF adjacent to the spinal cord results in improved control of the spasticity and the abnormal movements. The baclofen can be delivered via a pulsed or continuous pump system.


The procedure involves 2 incisions – one located just above the tail bone in the lower back and another over the mid-portion of the abdomen in the front. After making an incision in the lower back, a fine-bored catheter is inserted into the lumbar CSF space much like a lumbar puncture. The catheter is threaded to its correct location from this entry site. The catheter is then tunneled around the flank and into the abdominal incision “pocket”. The baclofen pump is the primed with sterile baclofen solution and the catheter is then inserted and secured onto the pump nozzle. The pump is then inserted into the abdominal pocket and secured.

Procedure Completion

All wounds are washed and bathed in antibiotic fluid. The wounds are then closed suing absorbable sutures. A firm bandage is placed around the pump site to reduce postoperative swelling.

Please discuss with your surgeon the risks and benefits of each option.

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