Know Your Neurosurgeon

What We Do

Laccon Neurosurgery is a comprehensive neurosurgical service specialising in paediatric and adult neurosurgery. We believe in a patient-centred, complete and thorough approach to every condition.

The practice employs the latest advances in neurosurgical techniques in reaching the goals of management in a variety of neurosurgical conditions. This service specialises in paediatric neurosurgery, complex craniofacial surgery, spinal surgery, tumour surgery, functional neurosurgery and neurotrauma management.

Consultations are undertaken at rooms in Parkville adjacent to the Royal Children’s Hospital and in Brighton less than 150m from Middle Brighton railway station. Telehealth consultations are also available for new and existing patients. Surgeries are performed at the Melbourne Private Hospital in Parkville and the Linacre Private Hospital in Hampton.

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