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Child Procedures

Some children are born with craniofacial problems including premature closure of skull sutures and fontanelles (soft spots), delayed cranial closures and encephaloceles, bony craniofacial tumours and craniofacial trauma.


A multi-disciplinary approach to these complex conditions has been proven to result in the best outcomes. At Lac-con Neurosurgery, we have a close working relationship with several craniofacial / plastic surgical units and the neuroanaesthesia department of the Royal Children’s Hospital in dealing with these problems.


A common craniofacial anomaly is premature cranial suture closure – craniosynostosis. The incidence of this condition is approximately 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 5,000 live births. As a result of the early closure, the skull and cranium do not develop adequately for the developing brain. This results in a pressure build-up both locally and globally. There is deformation of the skull and face, which may be quite disfiguring. Surgery for correction of these conditions takes the form of complex cranial vault remodeling which involves the removal of segments of the affected skull and repositioning and remodelling these fragments to create the desired skull shape and expansion of the cranial vault.


The major risks, however, are low when performed as a multi-disciplinary procedure. The outcomes when approached this way have been extremely good and the benefits certainly have outweighed the risks.

10 years Experience

Lac-con Neurosurgery has been involved in this form of surgery internationally, interstate and locally for the past ten years and will continue to perform such procedures as part of a dedicated craniofacial unit.

Please discuss with your surgeon the risks and benefits of each option.

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